Coral Beads

Coral Beads Combined With Assorted Glass & Gold-Toned Metal Beads

CHF 295.00

Graduated Carnelian Stones

Graduated Carnelian Stones With Gold Tone Beads & Picture Jasper

CHF 225.00

Green / Blue Glass

Green / Blue Glass – A Combination Of Fancy Lampwork Glass Beads & Assorted Types & Styles Glass Beads

CHF 225.00

Buffalo Tooth

Buffalo Tooth – Found Along The Chitina River, Alaska – Combined With Horn & Bone Beads, Picture Jasper Stone Beads, Heshi Shell Beads & Hand-Made Terra Cotta Clay Beads

CHF 375.00

Fossilized Mammoth + Walrus

2 Pendants Choker-Fossilized Mammoth Ivory (Brown) & Fossilized Walrus Ivory (White) Polished Bone, Antique Glass & Seed Beads

CHF 530.00

Insect Design

Insect Design On Large Glazed Button, Moosehide Leather Backing, Glass & Metal Beads

CHF 240.00

Coral & Metal

Coral & Metal Beads

CHF 120.00

Bone, Glas, Silver & Jasper Beads

Bone, Glas, Silver & Jasper Beads

CHF 70.00

Blue Lampwork Glass Beads

Blue Lampwork Glass Beads With Glass & Metal Beads

CHF 250.00

Orange Milky Amber Bead

Orange Milky Amber Bead With Coral & Apple Green Turquoise Stone & Silver Beads

CHF 250.00

Yellow Amber Bead

Yellow Amber Bead With Trade Beads, Glass & Vermeil Gold Beads

CHF 110.00

3 Yellow Amber Beads

3 Yellow Amber Beads With Multi Trade Beads Glass & Metal Vermeil Gold

CHF 340.00

Large Green Milky Amber

Large Green Milky Amber & Yellow Amber Beads With Glass & Metal Beads

CHF 340.00


Choker - Black Glass Beads & Chain

CHF 60.00

Fossilized Mammoth Ivory

Fossilized Mammoth Ivory With Jasper Beads & 2 Ivory Beads

CHF 200.00

Scrimshawed Eskimo

Scrimshawed Eskimo On Walrus Tusk With Stone & Polished Bone Beads

CHF 390.00

Standing Bear

Standing Bear. Painted Carved Wood Bone Beads, Silver & Pewter Totemic.

CHF 240.00

Walking Bear

Walking Bear. Painted Bone Bear, Disk Of Walrus Usik, Bone, Jasper, Silver & Glass Beads

CHF 240.00

Flying Crane

Flying Crane. Reverse Painted Japanese Glass Bead With Bone, Coral & Small Glass Beads.

CHF 120.00

Moose's Tooth

Moose's Tooth. Smoke-Tanned Moose Hide Fetish Bag With Jasper & Glass Beads, Antler Button.

CHF 600.00

Large Red Coral Bead

Large Red Coral Bead. With 3 Colors Of Small Coral Beads.

CHF 240.00

Raven's World

Raven's World. Couched Beaded Leather Placket On Beaded Necklace.

CHF 580.00

Fetish Necklace

Fetish Necklace. Suede With Beads

CHF 450.00

Basket Weaver Necklace

Basket Weaver Necklace. Enemeled Piece On Sued With Copper And Glass Beads

CHF 240.00

Mixed Bead Necklace

Mixed Bead Necklace

CHF 190.00